Games Confirmed for Pinbrew Fest

Pinbrew will be hosting an absolutely incredible variety of pinball machines and arcade games. Pins made all the way back to the 70's, to machines made today, and arcade games of all varieties, there will be tons of games for you and your family to enjoy. And the best part? They will all be set on Free Play, so no need to bring a pocket full of quarters. 

You can become a supporter and gain FREE admission to the show if you bring a game! Bring more than one, and we will get you an additional pass.

We have a form  for you to fill out if you plan on bringing a game, and we will list all of the machines that are going to be at the show on the website, so keep checking back for more information. We'll also be having some awards for the best games that show up, including best Solid State, best Restoration, best Arcade Game, and lots more. 


Please keep in mind this is not the complete list of games. Vendors do not list games on here

1932 Bally Screwy
1932 Gottlieb Whizz Bang
Addams family
Aerosmith LE
American Most Hauted
Attack from Mars
Avengers Infinity Quest LE
bally amigo
bally amigo
Bally Paragon
Bally Skateball
Batman 66
Batman Dark Knight
Beatles Gold
Black Knight Swords of Rage LE
Champion pub
Cosmic Gunfight
Creature fromthe Black Lagoon
Deadpool LE
Demolition Man
Elton john CE
Elton John PE
Elvira House of Horrors LE
Family Guy
Flash Gordon
Foooooooooooooooooooooo Fighters
Future Spa (Bally/1979)
Future Spa (Bally/1979)
Future Spock
Game of thrones LE
Ghost busters LE
Godfather LE
Godzilla LE
Godzilla Pro
Guardians of the Galaxy LE
Hokus Pokus
Iron maiden LL
Iron Maiden Pro
James Bond LE
Jaws premium
Jaws premium
Jaws premium
Jaws premium
Jaws premium
Jaws pro
Jaws pro
Jaws pro
Jaws pro
Jaws pro
JJaws LE
Jurassic park LE
Jurassic park Premium
Jurassic Park Pro
Kiss (1976)
Kiss LE
Kiss LE
Last Action Hero
Led Zeppelin LE
Led Zeppelin Premium
Looney tunes
Mandalorian LE
Mandalorian LE
Medieval Madness
Monster Bash
Munsters LE
Mustang LE
PlayBoy ( Stern )
Pulp Fiction
Rick and Morty
Royal Guard
Rush LE
Scared Stiff
Secret Service
Sharkey shootout
Silverball Mania
Stanger Things Premium
Star trek LE
Star Trek Next generation
Star trek pro
Star Wars LE
Stern Indy
Stern Pirates of the Caribbean
Stranger things LE
Striker Xstrem
Striker Xtreme
Teenage Mutian Turtles LE
Texas chainsaw
The Big Lebowski
The Lost World : Jurassic Park
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Walking Dead Premium
Total Nuclear Annihilation
Turtles pro
Twilight Zone
Venom LE
Weird Al
X-men LE
April 4-6, 2024 Metroplex Expo Center, 1620 Motor Inn Drive, Girard Ohio 44420