The Breweries

The Breweries

Exceptional Craft Beer

PinBrew will feature several local craft breweries providing over a dozen different styles all weekend long. Gone are the days where low quality, overpriced lagers are your only choice. As you can see from the breweries that are joining us, not only is this a pinball and video gamers convention, but truly a craft beer event. We look forward to tipping a glass with you...especially since they'll all be served as 12-ounce pours and just $5 each!

 Beer List at PinBrew 2022:

Biker Brewhouse – Motorhead Maple: Bourbon Barrel Aged Amber Ale with Maple Syrup, 7.0%

Biker Brewhouse – Blue Balls: Blonde Ale Infused with Blueberries, 4.7%

Birdfish – Speedy Pinguino: Mexican Lager, 5.0%

Birdfish – MAGENTA SMASH: Single Malt And Single Hop Hazy IPA, 5.7%

MadCap – Bullet IPA: American IPA, 7.5%

MadCap – World Up My Mash: Farmhouse Ale - Saison, 5.75%

Missing Falls – Mango ReHab: American IPA Infused with Mango and Habanero, 6.7%

Missing Falls – Space Horse: Pink Guava & Passion Fruit Seltzer, 5.0%

Modern Methods – Weekend at Blarney’s: Dry Irish Stout, 5.0%

Modern Methods – Darlene: Easy-Drinking Lager, 5.5%

Noble Creature – Jelly: Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry & Vanilla Sour, 7.0%

Noble Creature – Chirp Tire: Spring Wheat, 4.5%


Birdfish Beer Company



MadCap Brew Company


Noble Creature Cask House

Missing Falls

Biker Brewhouse

Modern Methods









April 4-6, 2024 Metroplex Expo Center, 1620 Motor Inn Drive, Girard Ohio 44420