Womens Tournament

Womens Tournament

The Women’s Tri-Pin Cup @ PinBrew

Saturday April 10th 2021

Purchase into the Pinbrew Fest is necessary to get in; Optional $5 Buy-In available (all entry fees go into a prize pool available to those who bought in) – cash pay outs for top 3, prizes for top 5.


Open to all female and female identifying champions to compete in the first annual Tri-Pin Cup, hosted at the Ohio PinBrew Fest. Prepare for a gauntlet run in THREE (3) stages. We begin with all of our entrants having THREE (3) hours of qualifying via Flipper Frenzy. Top half of our qualifiers move onto at least TWO (2) World Cup Style Double Round Robins (groups of three or four, each group seeded with one high side, one or two middle seeds and a low seed based on points received from the Flipper Frenzy) until THREE (3) champions remain. The finalists will compete in a PAPA style finals (4/2/1 points format), with the top seed (the person who has the most points over the course of the entire tournament) picking their bank choice of THREE (3) games, and position choice.

IFPA Sanctioned

Full rules, schedule, prizes and sponsors to be announced.

April 16-18, Metroplex Expo Center, 1620 Motor Inn Drive, Girard Ohio 44420